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Welcome to the Website of the Marin Chapter of the California Grand Jurors’ Association (MCCGJA). To explain who we are and our purpose, here is some background information:

When California became a state, it established the Civil Grand jury system to ensure local government accountability, efficiency, and responsiveness. Made up of volunteer residents in each County, the Civil Grand Jury is the “citizens’ watchdog” appointed by the California Superior Court for one year to formally investigate the efficiency and responsiveness of any local government entity. The Grand Jury’s findings and specific recommendations for improvement are then presented to the Marin Board of Supervisors and published on Marin County’s website and in local media.

Our all volunteer, non-profit organization (the MCCGJA) is comprised principally of FORMER Marin County grand jurors. Our mission is to promote and enhance the unique and invaluable Civil Grand Jury function in Marin. To accomplish this we have three main areas of focus:

  1. Public Outreach activities to increase awareness and interest in the California Civil Grand Jury process and to encourage applications for succeeding Grand Jurys.
  2. Selection Assistance, and Training of Marin Civil Grand Jurors.
  3. Follow-up activities to monitor the timely implementation of Grand Jury recommendations.

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