We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization with approximately 116 active members.

Click here to view a chart of our Officers, Board of Directors and Working Committee.

The duties of the working committees are as follows:

OUTREACH COMMITTEE  –  Public Relations, Provides speakers, TV programs, Booths at fairs.

SELECTION ADVISORY COMMITTEE – Presents information to new applicants to Civil Grand Jury relative to duties and assists Judges in pre-selection process.

TRAINING COMMITTEE – Provides annual detailed training of newly selected Civil Grand Jury.

REPORTS FOLLOW UP (Implementation) COMMITTEE – Reviews responses to Civil Grand Jury reports for adequacy and recommends further action to the sitting Civil Grand Jury if needed.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE – Encourages membership in Chapter and maintains the chapter roster.

SOCIAL COMMITTEE – Arranges for social functions, including luncheons, picnics, and Holiday functions.

COMMUNICATIONS AND TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE – Maintains this Web Site and a Group Mailing system, provides computer and internet technical assistance to members.