All past Grand Jurors are qualified to become a Member and to then participate in any of our activities.

While most Grand Jurors are happy to take a break following completion of their year of duty, many are also interested in seeing the results of their Reports.  Accordingly, our most popular activity for new members is the Reports Follow Up activity done by our Implementation Review Committee.

Others may prefer to be speakers or to otherwise assist our Outreach Committee whose job it is to keep the Grand Jury’s activities in the public eye and to do various activities to encourage individuals to apply for duty on the next year’s Grand Jury.

Interviewing applicants for the 2019-2020 Grand Jury is extremely important.  The interviewing process has been enhanced and if interested, you may want to apply to be on the Selection Advisory Committee.

If you have ideas about the Training of newly seated Grand Jurors then you might want to join with our Training Committee.

Our service groups include:

  • The Social Committee which plans and conducts Luncheons and other Special Activities
  • The Membership Committee which encourages membership and keeps track of all members.
  • The Communications Committee which manages our Web Site and an internet communications system.

Ultimately, you might also wish to become an Officer or on the Board of Directors.

Click here to view a chart of our Officers and Committees and their many active Committee Members.