Helene Marsh Chair
Helene Marsh – Chair
Sarah Loughlin - CoChair
Sarah Loughlin             Co-Chair


Provides review of Responses to issued Grand Jury reports with respect to completeness, etc.

The IRC has 10 committee members that meet twice a month to provide follow up on six reports from the 2012/2013 Grand Jury.

Reviews on reports on Senior Transportation, the College of Marin Foundation  and on AB 109  Concerning the Marin County Jail Space After the Prisons Release Low Priority Prisoners to the Jails will not be posted since all of the requirements of the original Grand Jury Reports were satisfactorily met.

A review on the Software Saga Merit / Atom report has been completed with several communications with the requested respondees.  Click here to view that review.

A review reports on the Marin County Library report has been completed and the results will be published in a next issue of the News Letter.

A report on the Marin County Health Care is ongoing, and still waiting for responses (36 of them) to all come in.

The IRC is also in the process of putting together a packet which includes information on IRC formation to be sent to other IRCs that request that information.

The committee will soon be expanding to identify and provide follow up on reports going back a span of 5 years or longer.

The IRC is presently in communication with other county IRCs that are in full operation, and others that are in the formation process. This will provide a valuable resource in making the our Chapter’s IRC a viable one in the years ahead.

We owe much thanks to Judge D’Opal, Kim Turner(CEO, Superior Court), Steven Woodside( County Counsel), and especially Nadine Muller( Foreperson, 2013/2014 GJ) for their support and guidance in making the IRC a success.

The IRC  training has openly invited the current GJ members to join the IRC at the end of their term to form a process in keeping the IRC mandate a continual one. Lastly, the IRC will be conducting a training session on the implementation review process during the 2014/2015 GJ orientation training in July. The IRC would like to thank all the members of the Chapter that have provided suggestions and support in making the implementation review process a major part of the Chapter’s function.


I’ve been filling in a little for John Carlson, who has been on vacation to Italy, and Tom Borden, who has had some foot surgery, but both will be at the next meeting of the IRC on November 10, 2:00pm in Room 410B of the Civic Center. This last month has been very productive. Through out interaction with the Continuity Committee and Jack Nixon, we have revised our tracking worksheet to reflect our respective responsibilities. We believe that the process that has evolved over the last few months is beginning to work smoothly and will be a model for future IRC follow up activities.
In addition to the 7 reports from 2012-13, we are evaluating a possible 11 reports from last year for follow up actions. We have only two follow up summaries posted on our website but that should be changing soon. Anyone interested in joining the IRC to be a part of this important function feel free to contact John Carlson or Tom Borden, or just come to our next meeting.
Rich Treadgold – Temporary, part-time, assistant IRC Chair.