Tom Borden Chair
Tom Borden, Chair

The Selection Advisory Committee (SAC) -formerly known as the Orientation Program Committee, this year updated the process for selecting Grand Jurors.

In order to assist the court in selecting the new jurors for the 2016-2017 Grand Jury, the SAC initiated a revised procedure. This was done for two reasons. First, the Superior Court Judges notified the committee that they would no longer conduct individual interviews. Second, we wanted to enhance the selection process by incorporating behavioral type questions into the interviews so that we could identify individuals whose life experiences would better qualify them for Grand Jury service.

After conducting training sessions for all interviewers (former Grand Jurors) and under the supervision of the Presiding Superior Court Judge, we organized the interviews into two phases lasting approximately one and one-half hours:

The first phase, facilitated by a member of the Marin Chapter of the California Grand Juror’s Association (MCCGJA), consisted of a problem solving activity performed with other applicants.

The second phase involved individual interviews, each conducted by two members of the MCCGJA. In addition to the interviews, the applicant was given the opportunity to ask the former grand jurors questions regarding aspects of service such as the time commitment, committee structures, and beneficial skills and abilities of jurors.

The interviews were conducted over three dates in late April and early May on the Court Floor in the Marin County Civic Center. After the completion of the interview process, the Presiding Judge (with input from the MCCGJA), selected the finalists who were then invited to attend the drawing on June 16.