Minutes 2015-6-17 Membership

Meeting Date: June 17, 2015

Following a convivial gathering of some 48 members of the Marin Chapter, with pre-lunch and luncheon behind us, Rich Treadgold, outgoing President of the 14/15 Marin Chapter, began the last meeting of the 2014-2015 calendar.

Recognition of members and leaders:

He began with a thank you to Betty Mattea for her extraordinary contributions. She is a long-time member of the Chapter, serving twice as President, leading the annual Orientation process for incoming jurors for many years, including organizing interviews of all accepted applicants by former Grand Jury Members. Along with thanks, she received a plaque that recognized her as our “official” Senior Historian. Jeanine Michaels and Patti Church of the County Counsel’s office, gave lovely flowers to Betty as appreciation for all the work she did helping with the orientation, etc.

Catherine McKown was thanked for her years of leading the Training process for newly seated Grand Jurors. She has helped keep this process within the purview of the local Chapter and carefully prepares the agendas for all the days of training as well as inviting the guest speakers. She invites the best representatives of a wide variety of City, County and special district leadership to meet and speak to the new grand jury. Through her patient tutelage, former members of the GJ are able to continue their support of the Grand Jury activity by sharing their experiences as part of the training process.

New Officers

Mr. Treadgold presented the Slate of Officers proposed by the Board for the next fiscal year.

President:          Nadine A. Muller

Vice President:  Paul Premo

Treasurer:           Peter Kiers

Secretary:          Penny Moreci

He called for any additional nominees and/or volunteers: As there were none, it was Moved and Seconded that we accept the proposed slate as presented. All voted Aye.

He reminded us that the first meeting of the Chapter for the coming year was July 16. We will be meeting as usual in room 410B at the Civic Center. He then turned over the podium to the new President, Nadine.

She began by thanking the group for their vote of confidence, and acknowledged that she is following in some big footsteps. She announced that she will not try to out-flow chart Rich, the Flow-Chart Master… – but will be sending out a survey that requests all members to let her know what our individual hopes are for the group to accomplish in the coming year.

She emphasized that we are beginning to see the results of our efforts on Outreach with various key people recognizing the GJ’s work and beginning the process of change. All newcomers should realize that we do, in fact, get results now that we are actively following up, and the political and elected officials do “see us coming!”

She shared some statistics from today’s meeting:

39 members attending, 10 served two terms, 2 served in 1995, 6 who have just completed their first time on the Jury, and 5 who will begin next month. Our longest serving member is Al Lozano who had his first jury service in 1982 – and his second in 1996! Much applause!! A frequent Association meeting attendee, he now serves as our informal parliamentarian.

She turned the session over to the outgoing Secretary who had a few gifts to share.

For Rich – a shiny, new pottery Cookie Jar with his Name on it… filled with a variety of cookies in honor of the many times he brought cookies to meetings where he used them as bait or as bribery… A leader has to have many strings to his bow (as my Mama used to say)

For the newest Foreperson: John Mann – she said: “I bequeath you 5+lbs of wrapped candies which may help tame the savage beasts who may occasionally suddenly pop up, seated around the Jury’s round- table… With wishes for good luck and great hunting in the coming year!”

Guest Speaker

Finally: our patient Guest Speaker, Dick Spotswood was introduced by Rich, and got his chance at the mic. He did his usual splendid job of bringing us into his thoughts and experiences. He had suggestions on areas that we “might want to look into” – and reminded us of how far we have come, and how important the Grand Jury process is to open information and good governance.

Following a few questions from the floor, the meeting was adjourned.


M.J.Boyden, Outgoing Secretary

The End.