Tues. April 4, 2017, Marin Civic Center, Room 410B, 10:00-12:00

 Present:  Jack Nixon, Gene Dwyer, Linda Glasscock, Nadine Muller, Steve Barlow, Larry Bauer, Kevin Hagerty, Penny Moreci,  Phyllis Berger· Meeting called to order by President Jack Nixon at 10:00.

Approval of March 7 minutes –motion to approve with the following amendments:
a.  Treasurer’s report to be attached to all minutes
b.  PayPal can now be used to pay  memberships

Treasurer’s Report—Kevin Hagerty
a. March 1, 2017:  beginning balance of $18,178.41, no additional revenue
b. March 31, 2017:  ending balance of $15,330.41, expenses of $2,848.00
Jack Nixon to be reimbursed for:  l) IJ ads- $2,625.00, ll) San Rafael meeting room rental-$223.00, fee includes security deposit which Jack will reimburse to the Association
c. Linda: what shall be done with approximately $230 allotted, but not used, to cover expenses for   regional meetings?  She will check with Mike Chernok· 

Committee Reports:

Outreach—Jack Nixona
a. Advertising—repetition needed; include ads to Marin Villages; to determine effectiveness,  ask applicants  at interviews  how/where they heard of the Grand Jury;  “Uncle Sam” signup posters to be placed in public areas; 7 ads to run in IJ
b. Nextdoor.com  publicity—135,000 hits
c. Meetings—2 club meetings, 8 Open Houses; attendance varied from 3-13
d. Results—23 signups so far
e. Need  promotion for meetings in Terra Linda and Corte Madera—Gene will cover Terra Linda and Lucas Valley;  no response  so far from Corte Madera
f. Board involvement  to increase number of  applicants– overall plan needed to  coordinate  activities of Jay, Patty and MCCGJA;  discussion of  current foreperson’s relation to MCCGJA;  suggestion to reconvene Implementation Review Committee in order  to encourage signups from previous grand jurors.

Membership—Nadine Muller
a. 96 paid members including 66 life members, 28 expirations in 2017 (including 17 GJ members),  2 expirations in 2018, 2 renewals for 2017, 24 non-renewals for 2016;  renewal reminder letters sent on 4/3/17
b.  proposal by Jack to send out membership drive letters for July-July fiscal year;  request to Jay to talk to current Grand Jury about renewing MCCGJA membership remains unanswered
c. Discussion of need to attract new members
d. Motion proposed and passed to start a membership drive on May 1 for July-July fiscal year to include current grand jurors and next year’s grand jurors

Communications—Gene Dyer:  PayPal has been added to the website
Selection—Tom Borden:  already accomplished
MFR—Larry Bauer:
a.  Meeting tomorrow of coalition and Matthew Hines on a strategic plan for the County; afterwards, will contact Supervisors to ask for any additional comments
b. May suggest MFR report to new Grand Jury
Social—Linda Glasscock
a.  37 signups so far for the Spring luncheon, more attendees needed to reach capacity of 60; decision  to invite all applicants as well as others who have expressed an interest in applying
b. July `13 reception scheduled  at McInnis  for incoming jurors

· Meeting Adjourned at 11:50
· Next meeting on Tues. May  2, 2017