Tues.  May 2, 2017, Marin Civic Center, Room 410B, 10:00-12:00

  • Present: Jack Nixon, Gene Dwyer, Phyllis Berger, Penny Moreci, Larry Bauer, Kevin Hagerty, Steve Barlow, Nadine Muller
  • Meeting called to order by President Jack Nixon at 10:00
  • Approval of Apr. 4 minutes— with the following change: meeting adjourned at 11:50, not 12:50
  • Treasurer’s Report—Kevin Haggerty ( see attached for more details)
  1. April 1, 2017—beginning balance of $15,330.41
  2. Revenue–$1,856.00
  3. Expenses-$1,634.62
  4. Net income–$221.38
  5. April 30, 2017—ending balance of $15,551.79
  • Committee Reports

Outreach—Jack Nixon

  1. Advertising—ran 8 quarter page I.J. ads; according to Patty, I.J. ads have had the most influence
  2. Nextdoor.com publicity—posts sent four times to  139,000 homes
  3. Number of meetings/number of participants—11 meetings, attendance ranged from zero (Terra Linda) to thirteen (Mill Valley); Gene attended all with projector and power point presentation
  4. Results—total of 44 applicants, including 3 former jurors

Membership—Nadine Muller

  1. Renewal letters sent to members of last 2 juries, many of whom  have not renewed;  decision to send letters to everyone who has not signed up
  2. Outreach committee should be in charge of renewal process
  3. Motion approved—membership period to be one year from month initially signed up, not per fiscal year

Communications—Gene Dyer

  1. Volunteer needed to take over newsletter and website from Gene

Selection—Tom Borden (absent)

  1. Four days set for interviews:  May 9, 11, 16, 18
  2. Reminder phone calls to be made to interviewers and interviewees
  3. Interview training class scheduled for Apr. 27, 4-6 at Central Marin Police Authority

MFR—Larry Bauer

  1. General discussion of various issues connected with the launching of new County  umbrella program
  2. Appointment to be scheduled in the Fall with relevant County officials to gain information about the new program and its attendant issues
  3. Suggestion made to request incoming grand jury to investigate launching of new program

Social—Linda Glasscock (absent)

  1. Reception at McGinnis on July 13 for incoming grand jurors
  2. Insurance policy terminates on June 30 and needs to be renewed, state no longer providing insurance
  3. Currently, chapter is not paying for liability insurance; question raised about getting a rider on state policy
  4. Nadine to check on Marin Coalition’s insurance
  5. General discussion ensued on need for/type of insurance
  6. Reception for new/old Board members: Nadine volunteered to host a pot luck reception at her home depending on spousal agreement
  • New Business—next year’s board members
  1. Jack Nixon:  president
  2. Tom Bordon: VP
  3. Penny Moreci: secretary
  4. Kevin Hagerty: treasurer
  5. Nadine Muller: membership
  6. Gene Dyer: communications
  7. IRC—time to reactivate and approach current grand jurors
  8. Outreach
  9. Social: Penny and Steve offered to help
  10. Selection
  11. Training
  • Meeting adjourned at 11:30
  • Next meeting on Tues. June 6, 2017