Tuesday, June 6, 2017    10:00 a.m.

  • Present: Jack Nixon, Steve Barlow, Tom Borden, Ron Brown, Scott Drotman, Gene Dyer, Laura Effel, Helene Marsh, Penny Moreci, Nadine Muller, Marc Steuer and Larry Bauer (11:20 a.m.)
  • Jack called the meeting called to order at 10:08 a.m.
  • The Minutes of May 2, 2017 were approved
  • Treasurer’s Report—Kevin Haggerty (absent)

a.  April 1, 2017—beginning balance: $15,551.79

b.  Revenue:                                             $               0

c.  Expenses:                                            $       70.00

d.  Net income: –                                     $       70.00

e.  April 30, 2017—ending balance:    $15,481.79


Outreach SummationJack Nixon

  1. Advertising: Eight (8) I.J. ads paid with funds donated by Susan Kirsch; it appears the majority of applicants responded from seeing the I.J. ads and from attending the informational open houses; Tom noted many residents don’t subscribe to the I.J.
  2. com: Posts sent four times to 139,000 households each time
  3. Presentations: 11 meetings, attendance ranged from zero to thirteen; special thanks to Gene, who attended all with projector and power point presentation.
  4. Results:   52 new applicants
  5. Next Year: Start earlier (September); notify Patti’s list of associations (possible captive audiences); Nadine suggested a presence at the Farmers’ Markets.

Membership—Nadine Muller

  1. We have a total of 95 members including 67 life members.
  2. Letters have been sent to 25 current and past jurors; 2 are due to expire in 2018, 26 this year and 12 expired in 2016. One life member passed away and one has moved away.
  3. Jack will ask to speak to current jurors to encourage their renewing the membership paid by the County during their year on the GJ.

Communications—Gene Dwyer

  1. Pictures from the party at Nadine’s are coming soon. Also pending is the Newsletter, which will include articles on the Outreach and Selection committees. Tom suggested the Newsletter be emailed to all members.

SelectionTom Borden

  1. This has been the second year completed with the new system in place. The group activity has proven an excellent exercise; some applicants dropped out resulting in 45 completing the entire program; 35 were ultimately recommended and the final 28 will be chosen by Judge Simmons. There are two holdovers from the current panel.
  2. Some interview questions are to be ‘re-vamped’ and it will be determined if the interview time should be increased from 45 minutes.

(Ron Brown exited at 10:45 a.m.)

MFR—Larry Bauer

  1. Larry met with Supervisor Damon Connolly who is now “on board.” Connolly agreed it is time to talk about re-designing the whole program and asked for suggestions. It has proven to be a slow process, but will now move forward with Connolly’s assistance. Helping Larry will be Steve Barlow, Sherry Rogers, non-member Susan Kirsch and Penny, if needed.

Social—Linda Glasscock (absent)

  1. Reception at McGinnis on July 13 for incoming/outgoing jurors. Invitations to be sent to all members.

Next Year’s Panel: The swearing-in ceremony will be June 15, 2017. A reception will follow at the Cafeteria Garden Court and as a “Thank You,” Judge Simmons has invited participants from the Selection Committee to attend.

  • New Business—Next Year’s Board Members. The following selections were moved, seconded and approved:


  1. President: Jack Nixon
  2. Vice President: Tom Borden
  3. Secretary: Penny Moreci
  4. Treasurer: Kevin Hagerty


  1. Nadine Muller: Membership Chair
  2. Gene Dwyer: Communications Chair
  3. Steve Barlow: Social Chair
  4. Outreach: Volunteers, Chair TBD
  5. Members at Large: Larry Bauer, Laura Effel and Marc Steuer w/ 2 additional TBD from current jury panel
  6. Selection TBD
  7. Training TBD
  8. IRC: There was a lengthy discussion as to the future of the IRC. Laura suggested a name change. Tom suggested that every year it should be up to the new jury/foreperson to determine the need for this committee. It was decided that Jack will meet with Ron Brown (incoming foreperson) to request he approach current jurors for input on this matter. Possible GJ reports to follow-up should include Human Trafficking and Citizens’ Complaints
  • Meeting adjourned at 11:47 a.m.
  • Next meeting: TBD