Tuesday, July 11, 2017    10:00 a.m.

  • Present: Jack Nixon, Steve Barlow, Larry Bauer, Tom Borden, Al Lozano, Penny Moreci, Nadine Muller and

Marc Steuer

  • Jack called the meeting called to order at 10:03 a.m.
  • The Minutes of June 6, 2017 were approved as corrected to include ESCOM and the Chevron retirees group in the list of open houses. In addition, Patti has a list of service clubs.
  • There was a moment of remembrance honoring Gene Dyer.
  • There was a discussion about the possibility of combining the Communication and Membership committees. Nadine will manage the g-mail list until a permanent member is appointed.
  • Treasurer’s Report—Kevin Haggerty (absent) – no report

a.  April 1, 2017—beginning balance : $15,551.79

b.  Revenue:                                             $               0

c.  Expenses:                                            $       70.00

d.  Net income: –                                     $       70.00

e.  April 30, 2017—ending balance:    $15,481.79


Outreach SummationJack Nixon

  1. Currently no chairman, Jack requested a volunteer. Outreach will assume meetings in September with next year’s campaign to start in October. Organizations will be called to offer speakers with PP presentation of general information about the Civil Grand Jury. Someone will be needed to make said calls.
  2. Jack will update the PP presentation. Tom has a portable projector.
  3. There was a discussion regarding how to improve recruitment, targets. Last year’s applications might be reviewed to determine the most effective outreach component. A booth at the senior fair “may be” beneficial.
  4. Vaughn is “done” for now.
  5. Advertising to begin in February. Next Door is a good tool to distribute awareness; ads may be modified to present just one open house and not a complete list.
  6. Larry reminded everyone that since we’re all out with our everyday business, that we “talk it up.” Al offered that neighborhood associations are good targets.

Membership—Nadine Muller

  1. We have a total of 84 members including 66 life members.
  2. Included are 3 new members, 3 expired in 2015 and 25 due to expire in 2017 (including the current jury).
  3. Pay Pal has proven to be trouble-free.

Communications—Jack Nixon

  1. A new director is needed. Nadine can access maintenance of our website in the interim and Tom offered his assistance.   There was a question whether the newsletter should continue.

SelectionTom Borden

  1. A new chairman will be appointed later in the year. In the meantime Penny will co-chair with Tom.

Training—Rich Treadgold (absent)

  1. Training is currently in process.

MFR—Larry Bauer

  1. Larry attended a party and spoke with Supervisor Damon Connolly again exchanging ideas. He also spoke to Dennis Rodoni (West Marin) who also expressed interest in MFR. Larry is “keeping at it.”

Social—Linda Glasscock (absent) and Steve Barlow

  1. Steve reported it is too early for plans at this time.
  2. The annual reception at McGinnis will be on July 13 for incoming/outgoing jurors. Invitations were sent to all members.
  3. There was a brief discussion regarding having a speaker at the Fall event. Jared Huff, Mark Levine, the MGH Head and community involved folks could make ideal speakers.
  1. New Business—Next Year’s Members / Board Members.

It was decided several outgoing jurors would be notified and invited to become active with MCCGJA.

Tom volunteered to contact Jackie Dagg and John Ertman. Penny will call Larry Reed, Rob Keller and Sheila Lyons. Jack will make additional calls. IRC may interest outgoing jurors.

  • Meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.
  • Next meeting: August 1, 2017

Respectfully submitted,

Penny Moreci