JUNE 2015

Note schedule change – Due to scheduling conflicts the next Membership meeting will be held at 1:00pm instead of 9:30 on Thursday, July 16, at our usual place in room 408 of the Civic Center.

The following panel of Officers was elected at our Annual Meeting held at The Club on June 17.

President – Nadine Muller
Vice-President – Paul Premo
Treasurer – Peter Kiers
Secretary – Penny Moreci

Click here to view pictures taken at that meeting.

See Minutes of our Annual meeting Minutes 2015-6-17 Membership

The following message was received by Rich Treadgold, President from Betty Mattea acknowledging the honor bestowed on her at the meeting.

Rich, I know it has taken me a while to thank you and the Chapter members for the remembrance and award given me at the June Chapter meeting and luncheon. It was a total surprise and most welcome from your lively group of active Chapter members. I have spent a week trying to think of how I want word my thanks and I have been unable to come up with a ‘thank you’ that expresses what I feel about this award. There is nothing like being recognized by your friends and colleagues! One has been close to them, working on projects and sharing the many things that come up in the normal business of a Chapter. They have had a good look at their working colleagues and have formed opinions, both pro and con, on the value of a given member. So, as poorly as I am wording this ‘thank you,’ I am truly grateful for the honor bestowed on me. It is heartwarming to be honored by ones colleagues. I don’t know who you talked to find out that I had hoped I would be appointed to the never-before created position of Historian, but the “Senior Historian” title and ‘job’ is one I have wanted for a long time, at least as long as I have been old! I am looking forward to this assignment and my plan is to make it a useful item for the Chapter and one that there will be many current members wanting to join when their ‘retirement’ looms in their future!

Let me end this ‘thank you’ note before I rattle on for too many words, and again, thank you for this honor and recognition. It is much appreciated. Please send my ‘thanks’ to the Members who have made my ‘retirement’ easier for me to tolerate and who have knowingly opted to have me around for another few months, or dare I say, years?

With affection, bjm.

News from our parent organization, California Grand Jurors’ Association

The State annual conference will be held on November 2 & 3 in Lafayette, CA.

The State Board of Directors is considering 3 major revisions to their by-laws.
1.  Reduce the term limits for directors from five consecutive two-year terms to three consecutive two year terms.
2.  Elect the Directors by region, rather than statewide.
3.  Add regional residency requirements for Directors.

Go to the www.CGJA.org web site for further details or comment on the proposed changes.