The Marin Chapter established an Implementation Review Committee (IRC) in 2013 to follow up on Grand Jury report responses.  The Committee supports the Grand Jury system and is independent of the seated Grand Jury.

The term of a seated Grand Jury is from July 1 to June 30.  Due to the time it takes to investigate topics and write reports, most Grand Jury reports are published in April, May, and June.  Since local government officials have up to ninety days to respond to Grand Jury report recommendations, responses typically arrive after the end of the Jury’s term. As a result, the jurors who wrote the report and are best suited to follow-up on the responses to that report are now ex-jurors. Because the new Grand Jury needs time to learn the job and identify their own issues to be investigated, many Grand Jury reports do not receive the follow-up attention they need to maximize the benefit to the community.

The IRC seeks to facilitate this process by providing follow-up activities for all published Grand Jury Reports.  The extent to which the IRC will follow up on reports is dependent on the interest of the seated Grand Jury in following up themselves and therefore may vary from year to year.  Additionally the IRC may determine that certain reports do not warrant follow up.  Where follow up work is done, the IRC will publish a report along with correspondence between the agencies contacted and the IRC.