Original Report: Jail Checkup: What’s the Price of a Clean Bill of Health?
June 13 2014

The 2014-2014 Marin County Civil Grand Jury inquired into health care services provided to inmates at the Marin County Jail. The report makes recommendations regarding improved health care options at reduced costs to the County.

Responses to the Original Report

Office of the County Administrator by Daniel Eilerman, Assistant County Administrator February 19, 2016
Office of the County Administrator by Matthew H. Hymel, County Administrator December 16, 2014
Marin County Board of Supervisors and Health and Human Services Department by Kathrin Sears, President, Board of Supervisors September 10, 2014
Marin County Sheriff’s Office by Robert T. Doyle, Sheriff-Coroner August 1, 2014

Chapter’s Implementation Review: Follow Up Analysis Report
June 2016