The Marin County Civil Grand Jury has recommended to government agencies that they improve their practices across a wide range of issues over many years. Some of the notable successes resulting from Grand Jury Reports include:

911 First Responder Programs For Seniors

  • Countywide program rolled out jointly by all of Marin’s Fire, Paramedic, and Police Departments.

Local Government Web Transparency

  • Average public agency website transparency grade improved (from F to C).
  • Annual compensation for officials is now published on agency websites.
  • Marin County Clerk now publishes a Roster of Public Agencies.

Bullying in Schools

  • Middle and high schools have added information on their websites about their policies and procedures for reporting bullying. Schools have increased awareness of bullying by providing programs for both teachers and students.

Engaging the Community in Major Issues in Marin

  •  Significantly raised awareness and engagement in Marin by challenging the County and municipalities on major problematic issues such as unfunded pension liabilities, labor negotiation transparency and homelessness in Marin.

Police Body Cameras

  • The number of police departments using body cameras increased from 3 to 8 out of 10, including the Marin County Sheriff department that issued 85 cameras in Sept. 2016.

Marin County Recycling

  • The County reduced waste from the Civic Center going to the landfill by 200,000lb/yr.
  • The recycling rate at the Civic Center increased from 45% to 72%.

Foster Care

  • The County allocated an additional $150,000 for foster care.
  • A more robust communication system between the County and foster parents was implemented.

Community Service (“Slush”) Fund

  • The County reduced the Fund from $530,000 to $300,000
  • Improvements were made to design, transparency and program implementation.

Plastic Bag Ban

  • The County and all municipalities now have a single use plastic bag ban ordinance.

Senior Care

  • The County set aside $100,000 for community-wide action to address the future demands on the aging service network.
  • The County launched the Aging Action Initiative.